Hazard and Risk Analysis

A Hazard and Risk analysis identifies the potential losses or injury and the probability or chance of the loss or injury associated with a process, operation, product or machinery. The risks can be prioritized and appropriate measures can then be taken to mitigate the risks to an acceptable level.

There are a various methods used to complete a risk assessments from very simple to very complex: each is systematic and structured and all have the same objective.  They can be documented on a notepad, a form or utilizing software.

Generally assessments are conducted by a team of process experts, engineers, operating staff, health and safety professionals and other stake holders.  We have facilitated HazOp’s for the mining industry and FMEA’s for the automotive industry.

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  • HazOp:  Hazard and Operability

A HazOp is a system-centered approach. It is concerned with identifying deviations and finding the potential causes and consequences.

  • FMEA: Failure mode and effects analysis

A FMEA is a component –centered approach. It starts at the component level and looks at the consequences of a failure of the component.