Compliance Auditing

We conduct compliance audits to ensure that your organization is complying with regulations and engineering best practices.  Whether it is a regulated Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PHSR) as required by Section 7 of Ontario Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments, or the result of an Ontario Ministry of Labour order, or a matter of prudence we provide an informed review.  Our reports identify issues found and provide solutions to resolve them.

Ontario Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments requires a PHSR  whenever a provision of the regulation applies and a specific circumstance may exist as a result of new apparatus, structure, or protective element is, constructed, added or installed or a new process is used or when existing systems/processes are modified and new or modified engineering controls, measures or a combination of both are used to obtain compliance.

The intent of the PSHR is to identify specific hazards and to mitigate them prior to a process or equipment is started to ensure worker protection as required under the applicable provisions of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour recognizes conformance to applicable sections of standards, and best practice guidelines as a method to establish compliance to the provisions of regulations.

Regulations are enacted by government and are enforceable by law. Codes establish specific technical requirements for the regulations. Standards are developed by standards organizations in conjunction a cross section of interested parties. Standards are often considered to be best engineering practice at the time of publication. They are written with mandatory and recommended requirements. However, they are not generally intended to prevent the use of equivalent or superior approaches. Regulations may adopt standards and if so they then become enforceable. If not adopted by regulators, they may be adopted by users.

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